New Advancements in Liquid Carton Packaging

Liquid packaging carton is a container that allows safe transportation as well as storing liquid products like milk, juice, etc. The primary use of liquid packaging is the packaging of FMCG (fats-moving consumer goods). Based on the package’s requirement, the liquid packaging cartons will be made available in various shapes and sizes, application types as well as are easy to model and design. The benefits of liquid carton packaging are that they’re biodegradable property, have extended shelf life and are light in weight.

On the other hand, this packaging is not preferred for beer and alcoholic drinks because of its low chilling properties. This is the main disadvantage of liquid packaging carton. An ongoing study by Future Market Insights reveals, global liquid carton packaging market has made rapid progress over the last five years and are estimated to develop substantially in the approaching years. Following events showcase the successful usage of carton packaging for liquids in various countries.

  • Tetra Pak: Launch of Tetra Fino Aseptic Packaging

Tetra Pak is a multinational processing and food packaging company that offers filling machines, packaging and processing for food and beverages. Small carton pouches are made to produce juices and drinks by turning them into frozen products at room temperature at consumer’s home or in the shop. It contains hygienic opening for healthy consumption. This eventually meets the needs of both parents and children. Parents would be comforted with the nutritional values of the product as it contains no preservatives and children’s can enjoy the fun and tasty frozen treats. Frozen yogurt emerges as a tasty and healthy alternative not only to ice cream but also to traditional snacks mainly the confectionary ones. In the world, Western Europe is the largest frozen desserts and ice-cream market. This package will be available from 2018 in Asia, Europe and Greater Middle East and is at present trailed by a company named want want food in China.

  • SIG Increases Carton Packs Carrying FSC Labels Due to Soaring Customer Demand

SIG is one of the world’s leading carton packaging solutions suppliers for food as well as beverage industry. Strives to bring food products to consumers in an affordable, sustainable and safe way. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), certification system is the widely accepted and most credible system for sustainable management of the forest. The sale of 60 billion SIG packs with FSC label shows the security and demand of the product. SIG is the green sponsor this year for GA. Once in 3 years, the FSC members meet to plan for the betterment of the forest management. The discussion is mainly inclusive of sustainability, conservation and forest management. SIG is the leading industry in facilitating FSC-certified carton packs, since 2009. In 2016, SIG was the 1st carton provider with a sufficient supply of FSC-certified liquid packaging, assuring its customers about the FSC labels on every carton supplied.

Shambhu Nath Jha

Shambhu Nath Jha with an experience nearing a decade, has helped over 50 large and medium to small business enterprise to foray into new markets, increase footprint in the existing bucket and understand the nature of the beast. These beasts are the companies that have been primarily engaged in chemicals, material or packaging activities, and encountering challenge either in maintain P&L or staying ahead of their competitors. He has authored over 300 industry research papers consisting critical information such as market growth, total addressable market, serviceable addressable market, market size, forecast, player strategies, market share estimates and winning imperatives along with recommendations. He is also the pioneer of “three slope distributor/off-taker evaluation model” used by several multinational companies to track the performance of channel partners. A consultant by profession, writer by mood and explorer by desire, Shambhu Nath is currently employed with a London based market research and consulting firm as a full time consultant. A few of the industry verticals where he demonstrated his skill includes water and wastewater treatment chemicals, high purity alumina, water purifiers, activated carbon, chloramine filters, bio-based bioplastics, water purifiers, textile chemicals etc.