Government Support will boost Process Pipe Coating Market size During Forecast Period (2017-2027)

Pipe coating is a technique which utilizes protective materials to protect a pipe from corrosion and abrasion. Based on the requirement, the coating used can either be of a single or triple layer. Pipe coatings are important to protect a pipe from harmful environmental components, such as moisture, ultra violet rays, acid, carbon dioxide, hydrogen disulfide, etc. as these components are capable of directly meddling with performance, reliability, durability and flow of a pipe. Coatings on a pipe are applied both internally and externally. External corrosion frequently occurs in the form of oxide materialization when water comes in contact with air.

Internal corrosion, on the other hand, frequently occurs due to the presence of active chemicals present in the liquid flowing through a pipe. These active chemicals react with the material of pipe, resulting in internal corrosion. The selection of a suitable coating depends on various factors, some of which are performance, economic concerns, regulatory consideration, chemical properties of the fluid, flammability and viscosity. Powder coating offers better durability and environmental benefits as it does not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The oil and gas industry is the leading end user of the global process pipe coating market as the pipes in this industry are subjected to significantly corrosive and harsh environmental conditions while oil extraction and transportation.

Though there are various other corrosion prevention methods, such as current catholic protection and sacrificial anode, these methods are not very effective. Pipe coating is perceived to be the most consistent method for corrosion prevention, which can be a major contributor to market growth.

Drivers: Robust growth of end use industries, such as oil and gas, is anticipated to be a prime force triggering the growth of process pipe coating market. Transportation of crucial liquids through pipelines requires proper maintenance of pipes to avoid losses. Governments around the world are putting strict regulations regarding VOCs, which creates the need for the development of new and eco-friendly products such as water-based coatings, which is anticipated to drive market’s growth. Focus of government across major regions to enhance sewage and potable water infrastructure is also anticipated to supplement market growth over the forecast period.

Restraints: Increasing raw material cost, which further adds to the cost of manufacturing, may prove to be a major challenge for the global process pipe coating market over the forecast period.Trends: Preference for abrasion resistance overlay (ARO) is growing in the process pipe coatings market. ARO is designed to protect FBE (Fusion bonded epoxy) coated pipes during directional applications, such as thrust bore, river crossing and slick bore.

Process Pipe Coating Market: Segmentation: The global process pipe coating market can be segmented on the basis of form into: Power coating, Water-based coating, Solvent-based coating; The global process pipe coating market can be segmented on the basis of product type into: Thermoplastic polymer coating- Polypropylene, Teflon, Polyethylene, Polyurethane coating; Metallic coating- Electroplating, Galvanization, Cadmium plating; Fusion merged epoxy ash coating, Concrete coating, Asphalt coating, Coal tar enamel coating; The global process pipe coating market can be segmented on the basis of end users into: Industrial- Mining, Chemical processing, Oil and gas industry, Agriculture; Residential, Commercial

Process Pipe Coating Market: Key Participants: Some of the key players identified across the value chain of the global process pipe coating market include: Shawcor Ltd, The Bayou Companies, Arkema S.A, Lyonde||Base||IndustriesHolding B.V, L.B.Foster Ball Winch, BASF SE, AKZO Nobel N.V, Covestro AG, The Dow Chemical Company, Wasco Energy Group of Companies, Celanese Corporation, Tenaris

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