Why Nabtesco will remain an Undisputed Leader in Motion Control Technology

Nabtesco has emerged as a prominent provider of motion control technology for various domains. The company enjoys significant market share in number of segments. Flight control actuator, industrial robot joints and automatics doors are some of its standout product segments. This, in turn, is driving Nabtesco’s growth in the motion control space. Like most growing firms, Nabtesco is also channelizing its resources in further expansion of capabilities by strategic M&A, intellectual property procurement and transforming into a service and system-based business model. By the looks of it, the company will continue to witness a sound growth in medium term, but it is too early to reach any conclusion.

Nabtesco has been traditionally a leader in segments such as transportation equipment (commercial vehicle, railroad, and marine vessels), industrial equipment (packaging machines, and automatic doors,) aircraft & hydraulics and precision equipment (energy, industrial robots, and machine tools). Among these, the transport segment has been registering positive operating growth despite some fluctuations. Contrastingly, the aircraft & hydraulics segment has been performing sluggishly in recent years.

Meanwhile, the company is also focusing on increasing its offerings in segments such as transport solutions (commercial vehicle, railroad, aircraft, and marine vessel), component solutions (hydraulics, and precision reduction gears), manufacturing solutions (packaging machines) and accessibility solutions (automatic doors). These segment are in line with the company’s future propositions. Reportedly, Nabtesco supplies its products to some of the top auto, aero and manufacturing equipment manufacturers. Over the years, the market for motion control has grown at a relentless pace, creating lucrative business opportunities for market players. As per a study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the growth of global market for motion control is being supplemented by rapid adoption of high-level automatic equipment, high-level medical equipment, machine tools and sensors. The modern equipment technologies are not based on the conventional industrial requirements and hence offer more flexibility, which is also creating wider scope of motion control application. In modern automated equipment, motion control system is considered as an essential part. By combining motion control technology with automation, companies are achieving higher flexibility and quality.

Development of smart technology along with enhanced networking and customization has been a major trend among manufacturers of motion control products. Moreover, such efforts are also influencing the manufacturing speed, consistency, accuracy, automation integration, technological efficiency, risk management and troubleshooting among others. There has been a greater demand for customized motion control systems, especially is image and movement-specific servers. Such customizations are done for requirements that are new and application-specific. On the flip side, manufacturers of motion control product remain daunted by issues such as high labor cost, impacts of industrial restructuring and complexities of mechanical tools.

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