WABCO reveals Smart Automotive Brake Systems

The developing automotive industries are focusing on the advancement of the vehicles that are safe and fast. Due to increase in the demand of speed, brakes in vehicles have become more essential and significant in order to ensure safety. Automotive brake system involves a brake device which consists of different components like brake booster, brake shoes, rotor, caliper, master cylinder, brake pads, piston and brake drum, which reduces the speed of the vehicle and is commonly used in different vehicles.

According to an ongoing study by Future Market Insights, the global market for automotive brake systems will witness a considerable growth in the upcoming years. Key role of automotive brake systems in performance and safety of vehicles will secure their demand globally. Several manufacturers of automotive brake systems are focusing on development of innovative systems that can cater to future requirements. For commercial vehicles with heavy duty, US-based automotive brake system manufacturer – WABCO – has developed Vehicle Control Systems that provide stability, transmission automation systems, braking and suspension. The company has also released a new system that intends to make interlocking of automotive brakes stronger and more efficient for heavy hauling.

WABCO initiates Advance Safety Brakes for Tank Trailers

According to a recent news, WABCO (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) supplies services and technologies across the globe for improving the connectivity, safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. They have introduced an innovative, intelligent brake interlock that improves the safety of the tanks trailers that pull harmful materials.

The Intelligent Brake Interlock of WABCO uses branded technologies to improve the tank trailers safe operation making sure that the vehicle doesn’t move in the course of unloading and loading. The developed system monitors the speed of the vehicle and the position switch and electronically locks the brakes from the base. When the vehicle is moving, to prevent accidental brakes, an electronic failsafe is provided as an added layer of safety. America’s WABCO President, Jon Morrison had mentioned that in the advanced trailer technologies WABCO’S innovative addition of intelligent trailer has differentiated WABCO in North America as a leader of technology, globally.

Intelligent Brake Interlock advances protection and consistency of transportation for braking of pneumatic trailers carrying crude and diesel oil, gasoline, compressed and cryogenic gases like oxygen (O2), natural gas and argon (Ar), chemicals and heated tanks, hydrogen (H2), food grade materials and carbon dioxide (CO2),. It is also available retrofit and specification now. At MCE 2017, the company will display the technologies that are leading the industry to advance the connectivity, safety and efficiency of trailers, trucks and buses in North America.

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