Updates on Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has been implemented in various sectors such as smart home, city, factory, etc., moreover, to provide a new level of functionality and services, IoT is being used in various Information Communication Technology (ICT). Among all the other sectors, automotive and transportation is witnessing an increased adoption of advanced technology. Automotive safety applications, intelligent transportation system, and smart fleet management technologies are being incorporated on a large scale. Moreover, research across the globe is still going on advanced ICT vehicular technologies.

G7 ICT and Industry Ministerial Meeting 2017 focus on 5G Communication Systems

The seven most industrialized economies in the world (G7) set up three key policies to support digital transformation: openness, inclusiveness, and Security. Meanwhile, declaration highlighting the revolutionary role of a 5G communication system in industry 4.0 also known as Next Production Revolution (NPR). 5G is being seen as the solution for the high technological demand. Roll-out of the high-speed broadband network has become a necessity to provide a quality digital infrastructure. The top economies in the world are already working on NPR. For instance, open 5G lab in Madrid launched by Ericsson, Telefonica, and IMDEA Networks provides an environment for research and innovation on infrastructure required to support industry 4.0. Along with the quality digital infrastructure, G7 aims to bring around 1.5 billion new internet users online by 2020.

Telecom Operators to Provide Customized and Intelligent Services

Telecom companies are also focusing on re-architect network infrastructure to build digital infrastructure which will be based on cloud. The new network architecture is being planned on the basis of re-architecting single network into ICT integrated network, constructing a cloud network, including cloud-native network functions to provide various digital services meeting enterprise requirement for digital transformation. ICT deep integration is an important part to boost network re-architecting.

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI): Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Play Crucial Role in Tech Industry

The Information Technology Industry Council has released a new document including AI policy principles for tech industry, public-private partnership, and the government. ITI expects AI to generate around $7 trillion to $13 trillion globally by 2025. The document also focuses on flexible regulations, as stringent regulations can hamper the number of technologies created particularly by small companies and startups. According to ITI, highly autonomous AI system must be designed consistent with international standards to avoid misuse of technology.

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