Roller Screw Market to Increase Rapidly by 2025

A roller screw is a mechanical device which converts the rotary motion into a liner motion.  The roller screw are extensively used for electro-mechanical actuation. The roller screws is used for various industrial application depending upon the specifications and requirements. For instance, in aerospace industry, the roller screw must be manufactured in a compact design with high reliability and efficiency since weight saving is a critical parameter whereas for offshore equipment in oil & gas industry high temperature and density rating roller screw is preferred.

The manufacturing of roller screw includes hard & soft machining, grinding, heat treatments and assembly operations. The material used for the manufacture of roller screw is majorly steel with various grades depending on the strength and toughness required. The roller screw is surface coated to further improve its performance. For instance, to increase the corrosion resistance the roller screw is coated with manganese phosphate solution. The lubrication of roller screw is an important aspect in order to prevent corrosion of the roller screws. Other benefits of lubrication include minimisation of wear and fatigue, maximisation of service life. Roller screw offer various advantages such as increased operational speed, long service life, high productivity and low noise operations.

The increasing demand for enhanced productivity and high operational duty for mechanical applications such as machine presses, factory automation etc. drives the global roller screw market. Furthermore, demand for low noise operations and the requirement for low lubrication drives the consumption of a planetary type of roller screw. End-use industries demanding easy control and integration of actuation system aids in driving the global roller screw market. The vast advantages of roller screw over ball screw such as high load carrying capacity and longer service life high rotational speed aids in driving the consumption of roller screw. The high duty applications where conversion of rotary motion to linear is essential criteria for suitability in carrying heavy loads, roller screws are the most preferred choice. The very low maintenance for handling roller screw lowers the cost of operation, thus one of the important driving factor over other types of the screw such as ball screws.

The global roller   screw market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The roller screw market in North America and Western Europe is primarily driven by the robust manufacturing industries such as plastic machinery, nuclear industry, machine tools etc. The technology for manufacturing equipment is quite strong and thus influences the consumption of roller screw in the region. For APEJ region, the tire industries and steel industries have a major presence and thus boosts the demand for the planetary type of roller screws. The growing end-use industries in the region fuels the growth of roller screw in APEJ region. The global roller screw market is expected to grow a relatively high CAGR during the forecast period with growth mostly dependent upon the manufacturing and processing industries.

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