Research Report and Overview on Liquid Pouch Packaging Market, 2016 – 2026

Packaging industry is experiencing a substantial growth over the last couple of years. Interactive packaging helps companies to stay ahead of their peers. As a result, packaging companies are coming up with many new innovative products in the market. Liquid pouch packaging is one such attractive packaging solutions which is in high demand among the brand owners. Liquid pouch packaging offers flexible packaging options for the liquid products and is suited best for logistics purpose. Liquid pouch packaging is expected to expand at a higher pace owing to the mounting demand of various beverages both in developed and developing countries.

 Liquid Pouch Packaging: Market Dynamics,Segmentation,Regional outlook And Key players

Global liquid pouch packaging market is expected to be primarily driven by increasing consumer preference towards energy and non-carbonated healthier beverages. Increasing per capita disposable income coupled with the rapid urbanization is expected to fuel the sales of soft drinks that in turn intensifies the growth of global liquid pouch packaging market. Apart from that growing middle income population group along with the changing life styles of the people in developing countries is also expected to boost the demand of liquid pouch packaging during the forecast period.

Liquid pouch packaging are widely used in the energy drinks and different types of juices which is further added to growth in sales of liquid pouch packaging in the near future. Increasing growth of organized retail sector is expected to stimulate the sales of liquid pouch packaging because it increases the shelf life of the product. Now a day’s liquid pouch packaging are gaining traction in dairy market during the forecast period. Increasing nuclear family is an important factor which can create a massive impact in the sales of the product because the size of the product is small.

Moreover, the liquid pouch packaging are extensively used in the detergents, liquid soap and other home care products which can make a enormous impact in the overall market of the product. Furthermore, increasing usage of liquid pouch packaging in over the counter products is expected to stimulate the growth of this market. Many pharmaceutical companies are inclined to launch their products by using liquid pouch packaging. The market is expected to gain healthy growth over the forecast period owing to its ecofriendly property.

The global liquid pouch packaging market is segmented on the basis of application, pouches type, material type and closure type of the product,Based on the application the global liquid pouch packaging market is segmented into:Food,Baby food,Bakery & confectionary,Sauces,Yogurt,Others,Beverages,Energy drinks,Fruit juices,Tea & coffee,Industrial products,Cosmetic & personal care,Home care,Pharmaceutical.

Based on the pouches the global liquid pouch packaging market is segmented into:Aseptic,Standard,Retort.Based on the closure type the global liquid pouch packaging market is segmented into:Flip,Twist.Based on the material type the global liquid pouch packaging market is segmented into:Polyester (PES),Polyethylene (PE),Polystyrene (PS),Polypropylene (PP).

In terms of geography, the global liquid pouch packaging market has been divided in to five key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Among these region, Asia Pacific region is expected to be the most attractive region during the forecast period because the region is expected to register maximum CAGR both in terms of value and volume.

This is attributed to the developing economies like India, China and ASEAN countries. Increasing growth in food & beverages industry and cosmetic & personal care industry is positively impacting the sales liquid pouch packaging particularly in Asia Pacific region. Moreover, North America is expected to dominate the overall liquid pouch packaging market during the forecast period, primarily as U.S. is experiencing a healthy growth for non-carbonated beverages and cosmetic & personal care products that in turn fuels the overall liquid pouch packaging in North America. However, Middle East & Africa region is expected to witness sluggish growth during the forecast period. Some of the key players in the global liquid pouch packaging market are Bemis Company, Inc., Swiss Pac, Swiss pack, Impak Corporation, HPM global Inc., Steripack etc.

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