Product Scarcity in US Baby Personal Care Products Market

Super-small scissors, baby-friendly sunscreen, mini undershirts, and a bag full of diapers – these are all baby care essentials being stocked up in retail outlets & specialty stores as baby personal care products. Using hypoallergenic ones that are alcohol and fragrance-free is preferable. When it comes to diapers, definitely overstocking the changing table until you know what works best on your baby’s tender bottom is a risk.

Tampa Bay faces the Scarcity of Baby Diapers

Apropos a new study by Huggies conducted in collaboration with the NDBN (National Diaper Bank Network) in St. Petersburg, Florida, children are prone to sickness due to the lack of capacity of some mother’s to buy diapers for their children. The diapers cost about $80 dollars monthly, which comes up to an annual $1,000 outlay for keeping a baby clean, dry and healthy. Once babies start walking, the need for diapers increase.

Torrie Jasuwan, Baby Cycle Diaper Bank’s voluntary director, says that across the Tampa Bay area, baby diapers are in great demand. In September, over 100,000 diapers were distributed by the group and if they get proper supply and funding, they plant to pass out ten times more of this. Even if diapers are available online for a reasonable price, the concerning challenge for parents is lack of internet accessibility or an online store account. In addition, shortage of diapers can be emotionally and mentally stressful for parents and can also cause child abuse, in worst cases. Jasuwan also adds that parents who are unable to supply five diapers a day along with their child, the daycare may not accept the baby, which again is a major issue for parents as a result of which they might even have to leave their job to take care of their kids. When it comes to health concerns, UTI (urinary tract infection) is prevalent among baby girls wrapped in diapers for prolonged time. Baby Cycle is teaming up with social organization for providing diapers to the needful families.

A holistic forecast on Global Baby Personal Care Market

Baby diapers is a sub-product of the toiletries product segment and is a prime category driving growth in the overall sales of baby personal care products globally. Soaring birth rate, stabilizing economic conditions and steadfast urbanization in developing countries is fuelling the expansion of the overall baby diapers market. According to a study by Future Market Insights (FMI), toiletries and baby skin care products are expected to be viewed as key product segments, collectively contributing the largest share in terms of revenues in the global baby personal care products market. By 2017, these segments are anticipated to exhibit double-digit growth with respect to revenues. Over forecast period 2014–2020 this trend is expected to continue.  In addition, brimming sales of baby shower gels is anticipated to drive the market’s growth. Booming birth rates, particularly in developing countries, along with growing child hygiene awareness among consumers is observed to drive the growth of global baby personal care products market. Also, significant rise in the number of mothers working across the globe is fuelling the demand for baby personal care products, which thrives on purchasing power increments. Baby personal care products made of organic materials are also projected to account for the growth of the market by creating a consumer demand for “organic” baby care products throughout the forecast period. Stringent laws regarding the chemical usage, innovation costs and complex product development are a few constraints for the baby personal care product market which factor the price hike in manufacturing these end-products. Additionally, undergoing clinical trials is must for these products, which creates expensive costs and of ensuring if these products are considered fit for public use.

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