North America Expected to Dominate the Global Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Market Throughout 2017-2022

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is a kind of robot which travels underwater with no requirement of input from an operator. These robotic vehicles are programmable that based on their design, can drive, drift or glide all through the ocean with no real time human control. AUVs represent a kind of a bigger group of undersea systems referred as the unmanned underwater vehicles, a categorization which comprises of non-autonomous ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles), powered and operated from the surface by a pilot/operator. A number of AUVs can interconnect or make their own decision with operators continuously or periodically via underwater acoustic beacons or satellite signals to permit a few categories of control such as altering their mission profile on the basis of environmental data they obtain from oceanographic sensors or of sonar systems while underway.

The overall market for the autonomous underwater vehicle is expected to surpass more than US$ 445 million by the end of 2022. The global AUV market is anticipated to exhibit a remarkable CAGR of 6.1% during the five-year assessment period of 2017-2022.

Market Segmentation

By product type: The worldwide market is segmented into: Large AUVs (Depth > 1,000 meters), Medium AUVs (Depth <= 1,000 meters), Shallow AUVs (Depth <=100 meters); The large AUVs are likely to contribute huge to the overall market and will continue to remain so over the next five years. Both shallow AUVs and medium AUVs are expected to gain equal revenue shares in the worldwide market.; By end-use: The worldwide market is segmented into: Oil & Gas, Oceanography, Search and Salvage Operations, Archeological and Exploration, Environmental Protection and Monitoring, Military & Defense

The oil & gas segment is projected to account for a value of about US$ 65 Million by 2022 end. However, the military & defense category is significantly larger among other end users. The environmental protection and monitoring are likely to gain traction during 2017-2022. Also, the oceanography will be witnessing a robust 6%CAGR throughout the assessment period.

By technology type: The worldwide market is segmented into: Imaging, Propulsion, Navigation, Communication, Collision Avoidance; By region: The worldwide market is segmented into: Europe, Latin America, North America, MEA, APEJ, Japan

North America is expected to be dominant among all regions and will alone account for about one-third of the large AUVs in the worldwide market. Along with North America, the European region is expected for a robust CAGR during the estimated period.

Key Market Players: The major companies operating in the worldwide market are: International Submarine Engineering Ltd, Hydromea SA, L3 OceanServer, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Fugro, Saab AB, ECA Group, Teledyne Gavia Ehf, Kongsberg Maritime

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