New Valves to Enter North America & Latin America’s Automotive HVAC Markets

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is for controlling the internal atmosphere of the vehicle. For travelers aboard, automotive HVAC makes it easier to manage the temperature (hot/cold) for interior atmosphere of the vehicle, and also provides ambient comfort. Automotive HVAC systems include knobs or switches on frontend as well as at the backend of the system. In automotive HVAC market, the two types of systems available are manual and automatic. In luxury and premium segment passenger vehicles, use the automatic HVAC system is installed to a larger extent because of least intervention of humans.

Key global manufacturers of automotive HVACs are primarily based in the North American region, whereas Latin America’s automotive HVAC market witness a considerable low penetration of global players. Following new product launches in North America’s automotive HVAC market have the potential to enter Latin America’s automotive HVAC marketplace and incur considerable popularity in the foreseeable years.

Two New HVAC Valves Released by DMQ

Based in the United States, DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) company advances the flow control solutions mainly for the automotive industries, HVAC and refrigeration. DMQ solutions decrease deployment time, speed up product development series, generate warehousing effectiveness and cut across design problems.  To suit several markets, DMQ can package its devices together with controls and sensing software for custom applications with a core technology so versatile. According to a study in Texas, DunAn Microstaq will release Very High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (VHC-MSEV) and Universal Super Heat Controller/Sensor (USHX) package to the refrigeration markets and HVAC for trial assessment this November. These new valves expands the cooling capacity range of MSEV. Also, OEMs are expected to see a progressive growth. The features of USHX include remote boot loading functionality which makes it adaptive to new refrigerants. The VHC-MSEV has a lot of advantages due to its cartridge and spool and modular design.

New Market Study Underscores Growing Expansion of Automotive HVACs in Latin America

As claimed by Future Market Insights in an ongoing research, increasing demand for automotive HVAC technology resulted to product and application development like individual temperature and air control in many areas. In the forecast period, global development in automobile market, increasing awareness advanced features in vehicles and increasing climate change are the factors driving the growth of automotive HVAC market in Latin America. Furthermore, environmental concerns, fuel economy and high maintenance are some hindrances affecting the growth of the automotive HVAC market. HVAC systems in vehicle are regarded as product distinguisher vehicle luxury factor.

In the near future, technology advancement is likely to offer new features like fuel-efficient HVAC systems with upgraded comforts. Globally, this growth is also anticipated to create magnificent business opportunities for automotive market.

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