High Consumption of Raw Fruits with Added Preservatives to Restrain the Expansion of Global Frozen Smoothie Market through 2024

A thick beverage called as frozen smoothie is capturing traction in the marketplace, attracting everyone from adults to kids, for having its flavored taste, and creamy & smooth texture. Being available in the market, both in powdered and frozen form, frozen smoothie can be consumed easily by adding milk, water and juice to it. Frozen smoothie is distributed in U.S. schools and owing to the delicious taste, creamy flavor and also rich nutritional contents, children prefer to take frozen smoothie packets to drink in their lunch. Due to the health concern, parents and adult consumers in U.S. are preferring smoothie with organic nutrients as fruits are their main ingredients.

Frozen smoothie is also in high demand in Western Europe due to its high fruit consumption, features and fruit products, which actually makes it unique. Frozen smoothies production entails fruit juice extraction, puree preparation, and lastly conversion into frozen or powdered form.  Maximum number of companies are vending frozen smoothies in the form of powder and to preserve the rich nutritional values, while other companies use IQF method to freeze the smoothie. In the view of such advantages, global frozen smoothie market is expected to witness a steady demand owing to its enriched nutrient values and lip-smacking taste. According to an ongoing research study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global demand for frozen smoothie is likely to witness steady growth during the forecast period, 2016-2024.

Market Dynamics of Frozen Smoothie: Customers changing preferences to the nutritious and ready-to-eat food items are the main drivers for the growth of global frozen smoothie market. With the great efforts, frozen smoothie can be produced and consumed anywhere. But, the consumption trend in the global frozen smoothie market is now shifting towards the healthy and enriched nutrient contents in food. Therefore, to satisfy the requirement for processed fruits in the up-to-date society, companies are concerned to launch new or innovative products & supplements. As frozen smoothies have a long-lasting life, it is estimated that during the forecast period the frozen smoothie market can gain a huge opportunities for reaping profit.

Along with the drivers, frozen smoothie picks up several restraints. Being a processed product, frozen smoothie has added preservatives, other injurious ingredients and flavored colors which can weaken the market’s expansion since any kind of contamination in the fruit products is not preferred by the customers. As Europe has a strict stance on the use of preservatives, the frozen puree value could surge and cut down the market share of frozen smoothie. Besides these, consumption of raw fruits can replace the food preferences and influence the demand in the global frozen smoothie market.

Segmental Analysis on Global Frozen Smoothie Market

The study by TMR has provided analysis on the global frozen smoothie market into two basic segmentations, which include type of fruit and type of product. Type of fruits includes- ciitrus fruit such as strawberry, mango, grape, apple, berries, and guava while other fruits such as kiwi, passion, pear, etc are also segmented. On the basis of type of product, frozen liquid form and powder form are the key segments being analyzed.

Provincial Outlook :Region-wise segmentation of global frozen smoothie market covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Among them, North America has a high demand of frozen smoothie based on proactive consumption. To develop the market in this region, the attitude of the consumers or customers should be changed. Customers in North America and Europe have already embraced frozen puree, which is wgy it is foreseen that the frozen smoothie market in these regions will grow expansively.

Companies to Watch : Most of the key players actively partaking in expansion of the global market of frozen smoothie belong to the North America region. Pitaya Plus, Farmers Land Food GmbH, Welch Foods, Yoplait USA Inc, Jamba Juice Company, Sambazon, Inc., and Dole Food Company, among others are some of the key shareholders in global frozen smoothie market.

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