Chlorinated Solvents found in Development of Public Pools in Miami

The city of Miami will be will be sporting an Oklahoma-shaped splash pad for local and area children by next summer 2018. The design will include Miami’s historic Coleman Theatre, WWII British Flyers and the city’s most famous fish, the spoonbill catfish, commonly known as paddlefish. The splash pad will cover roughly more than 6,000 square feet having a 200- to 400-person capacity. The splash pad is being funded by a $583,000 state grant which is almost a grant of $600,000.

During the 19th National Environmental Tar Creek Conference at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College last week, Miami City Manager Dean Kruithof declared about the splash pad on the Eagle Picher site which is an industrial building and the cleanup process there which is its chemical legacy will be cleaned up by the state Department of Environmental Quality.

Kruithof said that splash pad will have multiple water features and benches will be placed along the perimeter. The water will operate on a timer and will only run while in use. It has no standing water and therefore no lifeguards needed. It’s engineered in such a way that they’re safe. It uses tap water, the same water that comes out of the garden hose, and then it basically goes into the sewer system. The splash pad will be equipped with tipping water buckets, water cannons and ground sprays, as well as designated areas for young children and teenagers.

Key role of Chlorinated solvents: According to Kruithof’s presentation, Chlorinated solvents are chemical compounds that have been commonly used in various industries. The smaller of the two plumes is located in the small aquifer under the basement and the other plume in a much longer, deeper aquifer. Chlorinated solvents turn into gas as they rise and dissipate once it reaches the air.  The building was keeping the gas trapped, creating a hazard. Kruithof assured residents that nothing will be built atop of the plume and that it will not come in contact with the splash pad.

New study reveals insights on global market for pharmaceutical solvents

According to an ongoing research conducted by PMR, rapid growth in the global pharmaceutical industry along with innovation in drug manufacturing process will lead to growth opportunities for pharmaceutical solvents over the forecast period of 2016-2024. Adoption of new methods and manufacturing technologies in pharmaceutical industries are the driving factors of global pharmaceutical solvents market. Globally, increasing budgets and expenditure for medical and health sectors by various governments is expected to contribute high demand for solvents in across various pharmaceutical manufacturing firms. Environmental concerns related to toxicity and volatility of some hazardous solvents put the global pharmaceutical solvents market under scrutiny. Developments such as research activities to manufacture new solvents for the better are expected to create significant growth opportunities in future. In the global pharmaceutical market, by the end of 2016, North America and Western Europe are expected to hold significant market shares while APEJ is expected to emerge as one of fastest growing region.

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