Aircraft Galley Systems Market: Analysis and Forecast by Future Market Insights 2017 – 2027

In the past, aircraft galley systems were primarily utilized for the cabin staff to heat up the water and food items. But nowadays, galley systems are the nerve centre of a cabin crew operations, galley systems have continue to meet strict weight and design criteria, in order to ensure that cabin space is a safe and well optimised environment.

Concentrating on the convenience and luxury of the people, it’s the commonplace for the galleys to boast the luxuries such as drinks chillers, espresso machines, and steam ovens along with the high performance drinks chillers. Aircraft galley systems are widely utilized in the various type of aircrafts such as commercial as well as military aircrafts. Airline companies and aircraft galley system manufacturers consider that galley systems can have a significant effect on traveller’s flight experience.

There are various types of aircraft galley systems are available in the market which include galleys, galley inserts, galley air chillers etc. Galley inserts are utilized to cater the wide range of passengers. Galley inserts include a various luxurious items such as espresso machines, wine chiller inserts etc. With the help of these products, cabin staff can provide a memorable meal in the flight to the passengers.

Aircraft Galley Systems Market Segmentation By Product Type – Galleys, Galley Inserts, Galley Air Chillers, Trash Compactor, Others; By Aircraft Type – Wide Body Aircraft, Narrow Body Aircraft, Very Large Aircraft; By Sales Channel – OEM, Aftermarket


Globally, the aircraft galley systems market is primarily driven by rising operating fleet of commercial airlines .With the rising aircraft sector, demand for the aircraft galley inserts is increasing simultaneously. Further, increasing the aircraft fleet size is one of the key factor augmenting the demand of the aircraft galley systems across the globe. Demand for the galley systems is expected to be dominated by wide body aircrafts segment as the galley systems are easily inserted into these type of aircrafts.

Advanced technical capabilities along with adhering to strict requirement for light weight and flame resistant galley systems are the key challenges identified for the manufacturers in the global aircraft galley systems market.

Growing aviation industry supported by the global economic recovery, investment in the fuel-efficient subsystems and components and also rising demand for luxury and convenience are the key reasons that are expected to provide the lucrative growth opportunities in the global aircraft galley systems market over the forecast period

One of the key trends identified in the global aircraft galley systems market include mergers and acquisition activities. Further, new product offerings with advanced technology, investment in the R&D, strong global network, in-house manufacturing capabilities and robust client base are the major areas found through which the competitive edge can be achieved in the market.

On the basis of region, the global aircraft galley systems market is expected to grow at significant CAGR in the near future. This is mainly attributed to the growing demand for the new aircrafts in the developing countries such as India and China. The global aircraft galley systems market is anticipated to dominate by the North America and Europe region, owing to the presence of large number of aircrafts and also surging demand for luxurious products in the aircrafts.

Examples of some of the key market participants identified across the value chain of the global Aircraft Galley Systems market include Rockwell Collins, Inc., ZODIAC AEROSPACE, JAMCO Corporation, AIM ALTITUDE, RAS Completions Ltd

The global aircraft galley systems market is expected to be one of the most consolidated market owing to the presence of small number of key players in the market. Provision of cost-effective and high quality products along with the utilization of latest technology is the key to success in the global aircraft galley systems business over the next decade.

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