Voltage Controlled Oscillators Market to Significant Growth Foreseen by 2027

The demand for a varied oscillation output led to the introduction of voltage controlled oscillators. Replacement of one of the two capacitors with a varactor, with innovations in technology, led to the invention of voltage controlled oscillators. The major factor contributing to voltage controlled oscillators growth was the ability to generate oscillations with respect to the input provided as the product had more applications when compared with a conventional oscillator. The primary applications of a voltage controlled oscillators was in an electronic jamming equipment, FM modulation and for the production of different types of noise and electronic music owing to its increased demand. Voltage Controlled Oscillators operate on a specified range of operating voltage which limits its applications after a threshold voltage. Usually, the maximum voltage on which voltage controlled oscillator functions lies between 23V – 25V.

Voltage Controlled Oscillators are smaller in size, provides high temperature stability, immunity against false signals, adjustable bandwidth and enables a programmable carrier frequency which were the limitations offered by the conventional oscillators. These enhanced features of voltage controlled oscillators are the primary factors driving its growth. The ability of the voltage controlled oscillator to generate varying frequency oscillations, with a change in input voltage, furthermore, increases its applications in industries such as military and networking. In addition to this, an increased demand for voltage controlled oscillators is accounted because of its large output frequency range. Voltage controlled oscillators produces high phase noises limiting its applications. Furthermore, introduction of high-end oscillators functioning over MEMS technology, providing enhanced features, has resulted into a reduction in adoption of voltage controlled oscillators.

The major segments of Voltage Controlled Oscillators market on basis of oscillation type include: Linear or Harmonic Oscillators: The output generated by these voltage controlled oscillators are in a sinusoidal form and oscillators such as crystal and tank oscillators are categorized under this category. Relaxation Oscillators: These type of voltage controlled oscillators provides a wide range of operational frequencies and give the output in a triangular waveform. The advantages of harmonic oscillators such as higher frequency stability and enhanced accuracy for frequency control, over relaxation oscillators, accounts for its increasing demand.  Voltage Controlled Oscillators Market Segmentation By Type For Voltage – Quartz Oscillator, Silicon Oscillator; By Application – Military, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Telecom.

APAC is presently the most technological advanced region for voltage controlled oscillators. In addition to this, the maximum number of manufacturers and vendors are also present in APAC region. Henceforth, APAC is expected to dominate the global voltage controlled oscillators market. North America and Europe, with a comparatively fewer resources, are expected to follow APAC in the global voltage controlled oscillators market.

Some of the major Voltage Controlled Oscillators global players include SiTime Corp., SEIKO EPSON CORP., Texas Instruments Incorporated, ON Semiconductor, Silicon Laboratories, MACOM, Crystek Corporation, Analog Devices, Inc., BOWEI Integrated Circuits CO.,LTD. and FUJITSU.

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