Recent Developments on Usage of Cling Film Packaging Technology

The standard definition of cling film is the packaging material used for keeping food fresh, as it has specific function of self-cling which helps in keeping food products hygienic. Primarily, plastic cling film used for keeping food fresh come in different materials used such as plastic cling film. These films are made up of polyethylene, polyvinylchloride or polyvinyl dichloride resins, which are processed through monolayer or multilayer extrusion. One of the key seller of plastic and paper packaging material, MPact Limited is providing cling film to food & beverages industries. According an ongoing research by Future Market Insights, the global market for cling films may witness active participation of such resellers in the years to come.

Oxygen-absorbing food packaging technology being introduced in North America: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Inc. has developed an oxygen-absorbing flexible material for food packaging solution. NutraSave has the capacity to extend the shelf life of food products longer, compared to conventional packaging technologies. NutraSave has used oxygen-absorbing packaging materials to keep the product safer and fresh for the long run. According to Mitsubishi research, the consumer has little stigma for the presence of other mixtures in food, particularly for those doubling the shelf life of the product. However, to evade that stigma among processed food users, the NutraSave oxygen-absorbing technology is embedded within the flexible packaging which evade the process of dropping it directly in food product, thereby keeping them fresh.

Currently the technology is being used in Japan, but, for United States (US) the company has launched NutraSave resins in order to use them for packaging converter, where their can use can enable the process to work efficiently. NutraSave has gained success in preserving the food products which are highly oxygen-sensitive (such as soups, dips, protein bar, baby instant food and sauces). The resin technology is only applicable for flexible packaging solution, whereas NutraSave can be mixed with other packaging formats such as rigid containers and Yogurt lids.

European commission urged for safe recycling of packaging materials

Over the fear of decline in investment across food & beverage and packaging industries, a European recycling company has called upon European Commission to delimit what recycling processes are allowed in order to recreate the food packaging material. According to European Plastic Converter, a pan-European trade association said that the commission is just avoiding the process that could lead to unsafe use of recycled plastic from coming in contact with food. While adding to that, EUPC also said that in the past decade, these regulations have allowed the usage of the recycled plastic materials such as cling films in such processes, but none of them have accessed the authorization.

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