Lactic Starter Culture Market Intelligence Study for Comprehensive Insights 2017 – 2025

The lactic starter culture contains those microbes which are essential for the preparation of fermented milk products like curd, cheese, buttermilk and fermented beverages. Lactic starter culture are used to enhance the quality of products and introduce essential characteristics to it. Lactic starter culture facilitate by producing enzymes, and these enzymes bring about different flavor, smell, texture and sometimes also help in storage of products. Fermented products have become an important part of life as these commodities provide essential nutrition, taste. Lactic starter culture provides various health benefits such as maintaining immune health gut health and others which is expected to fuel lactic starter culture market during the forecast period.

The lactic starter cultures are segmented as the type of product, product form and applications.By type of product, the lactic starter culture market can be segmented into a simple culture and mixed Culture. Simple culture consists of only one specific strain of lactobacillus and can induce only one particular characteristic in the product, for example, it can only limit the growth of unwanted microbe. Mixed culture contains various strains of lactobacillus and each play a different role in enhancing the product, for example, influencing the texture, flavor, and appearance of the product. By the form of product, the lactic starter culture can be segmented into liquid, frozen, and powder.  By applications, the lactic starter culture market can be segmented into food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. The food segment is further sub-segmented as dairy and alcoholic beverages.

Lactic Starter Culture Market: Segmentation,Regional Outlook and Key Players

The growth of dairy and wine industry is driving the growth of lactic starter culture market. As the dairy industry and winery industry have become the important part of people’s lives, lactic starter culture market is growing at high speed and has tremendous growth in the upcoming years. Fermented beverages are becoming more and more a part of the lifestyle in the modern age. Across the globe among various fermented product variant fermented dairy products are most popular products among the consumers which is expected drive the global lactic starter culture market during the forecast period. The end products of starter cultures are promoted through various means of communication like social media, video media, articles and others.

Which further generating awareness and expected to drive the lactic starter culture market in the near future. On the other side, some fermented products like alcohol are harmful to health and ban for these products is initiated by some activists and government of many countries. Also, fermented milk products like cheese top falls under the junk food item list and are avoided by health conscious people and obese people despite their appetizing nature. These factors are collectively expected to restrain the lactic starter culture market during the forecast period.

The Europe and American countries are dependent on the fermented and alcoholic beverages since an ancient age, and it has also become part of their cultures. The climate of these regions compels these people to include it in their daily life as a source of heat and energy. Thus both of these region is expected to represent major share in terms of value and volume both in the global lactic starter culture market. The Asian countries are also very much dependent on the fermentation dairy products, due to which the region is expected to represent favorable growth in the global lactic starter culture market during the forecast period.

Some of the famous key players in the starter culture market are mostly from the European regions; they DSM Food Specialties B.V., New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, DuPont Danisco®, Chr. Hansen, Bioprox pure culture, MOFN ALCE Group and Soyuzsnab among others.

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