Hot Stamping Foil Market Plan, Supply and Revenue to 2025

Hot stamping is a dry printing method of lithography, which involves the transfer of pre-dried ink or foil onto a surface by the application of high temperature and pressure. Hot stamping be in the form of designs, holograms, and pigments. The equipment used for transferring these prints onto solid surfaces are known as hot foil stamp printing machines. Hot stamping machines use hand-set letters for personalization, which can include names, dates and titles, or metal dies for graphic designs or logos. In a hot stamping machine, a die is heated and the product to be stamped is placed beneath it. A metallized or painted roll-leaf carrier is inserted between the die and the product to be stamped. The die is now pressed onto the product to be stamped by application of temperature and pressure. In this way, the dry paint or foil used is impressed onto the surface of the product.

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Foils are multilayered coatings that are transferred onto the surface of the product. Non-metallic foils consist of three layers, namely, an adherence base layer, a color layer, and a release layer. Metallic foils replace the color layer with a metal layer (chromium/aluminum/gold/silver), whereas a pigment foil is glossy. Holographic foil paper includes a 3-dimensional image to provide a distinct appearance to specific areas of digitally printed application.

Demand for hot stamping in industries related to packaging is the key driver for the hot stamping foil market. The need for distinguishing one company’s product from another is driving the hot stamping foil market. Apart from the packaging industry, hot foil printing is also employed in currency printing, which can be considered as a factor that is boosting the hot stamping foil market growth. Moreover, the hot stamping foil process is affordable and non-polluting process, which is a major factor driving the hot stamping foil market. Increased research & development activities carried out for developing innovative technologies are likely to fuel the hot stamping foil market. Cold stamping foil has more advantages over hot stamping foil, such as time required for completing the stamping process is less in cold stamping, there are no dies, tooling time and costs are reduced, and the cold stamping foil process provides the freedom to select a broad range of metallic colors for the process. This is anticipated to hinder the hot stamping foil market globally.

Based on type, the hot stamping foil market can be classified into metallic hot stamping foil, pigment hot stamping foil, and hologram hot stamping foil. The preference for hologram hot stamping foil is rising as compared to other types of hot stamping foil. The market is primarily driven by the packaging industries. A hologram is printed onto the product in order to enhance the image of the product or brands in the market as genuine and authentic. Holograms are used for attractive product packaging, security applications (they are almost impossible to counterfeit), and other decorative products.

In terms of end-user, the hot stamping foil market can be segmented into packaging, currency printing, automobile, consumer electronics, cosmetics and, other home appliances. The packaging industry end user segment led the market as hot stamping foil is used for printing holograms, for packing of foodstuffs, drugs packaging, cigarette & wine packaging. The automobile industry is witnessing a shift toward the usage of holographic logos on vehicles.

In terms of geography, the hot stamping foil market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. The hot stamping foil market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness high growth during the forecast period. Increase in population in China and India and rapid industrialization over the last few years, coupled with the increase in consumption of food & beverage and medication, have led to an increase in demand for packaging. The hot stamping foil market in North America and Europe is technologically mature, and the market is anticipated to remain stable during the forecasted period.

Key players operating in the global hot stamping foil market include API Group, Kurz, UNIVACCO Foils Corporation, Crown Roll Leaf Inc., Foilco Limited, Nakai Industrial Group, CFC International, Washin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and K Laser.


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