Emmental Cheese Market Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats (2017 – 2027)

Casein, a milk protein produces emmental cheese by coagulation process, is named after a region in Switzerland. Emmental cheese is called by ‘Emme’ is a Swiss river and ‘Tal’ a valley in German. It is made from the unpasteurized milk of cow and kept 120 days to ripe by a traditional method. The holes formed in emmental cheese are the result of bacteria releasing gas bubbles. This sweet smelled cheese is hard in its textures. emmental cheese is distinct from other members of this family as it consists of walnut-sized holes and is fruity to taste. It is rich in taste and has unique looks. It has an ivory or pale yellow color. Emmental cheese and gruyere cheese both are important cheeses in the traditional fondue recipe.Due to all above features, Swiss emmental cheese is named best cheese in the world in 2014.

Emmental Cheese: Market Dynamics,Segmentation,Regional Overview And Market Participants

Emmental cheese is known as a king of the Swiss cheese due to its authenticity, quality, taste, looks. It has the sweet aroma. It’s hard; nutty, fruity flavors are the drivers for its popularity and demand all over the world.  It attracts all categories of people as it has health, dental and skin benefits. Increasing influence of western culture, growing number of fast food consumption, growth in cheese demand and thus the market size are some of the driving factors of cheese market.

The European market is changing, and thus it forces cheese suppliers to conduct changes in their business. Market drivers are thus targeting growth and exploring global market, promoting health benefits of cheese and emmental cheese improving value-added of cheese.The Growth of cheese production depends directly on the milk production. Rise in the milk prices severely affect the cheese production.Factors affecting the production of emmental cheese in Switzerland areCompetition.Competition between Switzerland and International MarketGovernment Policies.The Swiss government imposed various regulations and policies for the production of Cheese in SwitzerlandControlling over production by the government.

The Swiss government had imposed production quotas and controlled overproduction of Swiss cheese.Quality Labels,emmental cheese is tested and labeled as AOC for its quality.Low input to output ratio,The Proportion of the quantity of milk required to the cheese produced is little, and thus producers face heavy losses in such conditions.Emmental cheese market leaders include Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America. Its taste, colors, and its traditional flavors still attract the cheese lovers and thus are some of the driving factors for increasing demand of cheese market.Emmental cheese are in demand mostly in Eastern Europe, North America,Based on Product type, emmental cheese is segmented into:Emmental AOP classic,Emmental AOP Reserve,Emmental AOP Extra,Emmental AOP cave-aged,Emmental AOP Bio,Emmental Gotthelf,Rahmtaler,Emmental Crown.

Based on texture, emmental cheese is segmented into:Hard cheese,Semi-Hard cheese,Soft cheese,Semi-soft cheese,Based on Maturity, emmental cheese is segmented into:3-6 months,4 months,8 months,12 months.Based on flavors, emmental cheese is segmented into:Nutty,Spicy, strong,Aromatic,Mild,Creamy.Based on color, emmental cheese is segmented into:Ivory,Dark Yellow,Dark brown,Black,Golden yellow.The North America and Europe are market leaders of global cheese market by consumption and production.Apart from Regions, emmental cheese is categorized by texture, flavors and colors of the cheese. There is huge variety of cheese available in this traditional cheese.

Emmental cheese, king of the Swiss cheese is divided into seven regions, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-pacific, Middle-East and Africa.Top regional producers for Emmental cheese in North America is United States, that of Asia-pacific is Australia, New Zealand. The Top regional consumer in North America are the United States, Latin America- Mexico, Japan and Asia-Pacific.Emmental cheese has a great market opportunity for India and China in terms of revenue generation from cheese market. Some of the players in emmental cheese market areARLA Foods, Cowgirl Creamery, Brewster Cheese Company, Emmentaler Schaukäserei, Traditional Cheese Company, Springbank Cheese Co.All these players drive the Emmental Cheese market according to their business methods, market growth and demand.

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