Aerospace Galley Trolley Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2017-2025

Aircraft galley trolley is a significant equipment in an aircraft cabin interior. Both the galley trolley manufacturers as well as airline companies consider that galley trolley and galley can have an indirect or direct effect on a traveler’s flight experience. A technically unhygienic and poor trolley can make a traveler’s experience disagreeable. On the other hand, the indirect passenger experience is determined by the level of contentment of the flight crew as a consequence of their experience with their equipment like galley trolley.

The global aerospace galley trolley market is primarily driven by the increasing commercial aircraft deliveries. With the increasing aircraft sectors, demand of galley trolley is also increasing simultaneously.Moreover, increasing aircraft fleet size is also an important factor bolstering the demand of galley trolley market globally. Wide body aircraft segment is bolstering the demand of aerospace galley trolley market during the forecast period. Increasing government expenditure in defense and aerospace industries is bolstering the demand of the galley trolley market.

Adoption of wait and see strategy by suppliers is one of the restraining factor in the global aerospace galley trolley market. Increasing demand of low cost carriers is also one of the major factors setting back the growth of the galley trolley market. Increasing customer experience is one of the important opportunities in the global aerospace galley trolley market. The global aerospace galley trolley market is a consolidated market having top five players lodging approximately 80% of the market. The global aerospace galley trolley market is bifurcated based on aircraft type into narrow body aircraft, wide body aircraft, very large aircraft, regional aircraft and business aircraft. Based on trolley type, the market is bifurcated into meal/bar trolley, waste trolley and folding trolley. By fit type, the market has been bifurcated into line fit and retro fit. Both line fit as well as retrofit segments are likely to offer a healthy opportunity in the next few years.

The geographical split of this market comprises North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. North America held the highest market revenue share followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Presence of large number of aircrafts in North America and Europe is the main reason driving the market. Moreover, Asia Pacific region is likely to be one of the fastest growing market and is also one of the most attractive market during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is perceiving robust growth in aviation industry over the past couple of years, mainly bolstered by growing demand for new aircraft deliveries. Countries like China, India and Japan are the major countries for galley trolley market.

The competitive analysis embraces market share of companies in the aerospace galley trolley market. The effect of drivers and restraints are evaluated and their impact on the market throughout the study is given to provide an exhaustive insight of the market. Industry trends and technology are also deliberated, which will deliver the latest information pertaining to joint ventures and advanced technology amongst the galley trolley providers. The supply chain of this market comprises galley trolley manufacturers, raw material manufacturers, airliners and aircraft OEMs, The key aerospace OEMs are Airbus (France), Boeing (U.S.), Embraer (Brazil), Bombardier(Canada), ATR (France), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) and key airliners are Delta Air (U.S.), Lufthansa (Germany), Singapore Airlines (Singapore) and Air China (China).

The key galley trolley manufacturers are Zodiac Aerospace (France), Diethelm Keller Aviation (Singapore), Jamco Corporation (Japan), Korita Aviation (China),Flightweight (U.K.), and Norduyn (Canada). New product development, long term contracts and regional expansion are the important strategies adopted by the key players to advance competitive edge in the market. All players are investing profoundly on the advancement in trolley technology and development of lightweight trolleys.

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