To Promote Agriculture and Trade, METSS meets Multimedia

Representatives from (METSS) Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services, a project funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), had a meeting with The Multimedia group officials, on Thursday, in order to discuss several ways in which the two organizations could collaborate for influencing policy decisions on many sectors of Ghanaian Economy, on agriculture particularly. Delegation of METSS was led by Mr. Saaka Adams, Director of Operations. Other members included in METSS team were the Communications Specialist, Evans Boah-Mensah and Trade Africa Private Sector Advisor, Dode Seidu. On the other hand, CEO and Founder of The Multimedia Group, Mr. Kwasi Twum was joined by Group Head, (Radio, TV and Interactive Media) Business Programming, Emma Morrison, Managing Director-Multi TV, Mr. Santokh Singh, Managing News Editor, Elvis Kwashie and Emily Nyarko. The two institutions spoke on the need to work together continuously for the provision of information to public backed by data that is verifiable.

Mr. Singh, who led discussions from Multimedia team assured Multimedia Group’s commitment to using its position as electronic news industry leader playing its role as watchdog in monitoring conduct of public office holders. To improve transparency in the country’s governance system and influence development processes, Mr. Singh said that the news outfit will employ considered tack continuously. On the other hand, Mr. Saaka Adams appreciated media on its critical role in safeguarding democratic processes and transparency, encouraging the news industry to disseminate proper information to public seeking help of independent data gatherers, indicating willingness of METSS in utilizing its data resources pool on economy to shape, inform and support decision-making and policy advocacy.

METSS is established, for coordinating activities implementation to support its program implementation in Ghana, through (PASA) Participating Agency Services Agreement between Ghana/USAID and (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture. It is also mandatory for the project to support monitoring activities of several US Presidential Initiatives like Power Africa, Partnership for Growth and expansion of the program Trade Africa in Ghana. METSS/USAID have generated huge data on key sectors of Ghanaian Economy especially on energy, trade, and agriculture, through its components’ activities.

Abhishek Budholiya

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