North America will Remain Most Lucrative Market for LIMS

Laboratory information management system (LIMS) has become an integral part of laboratories, as it enables them to move information, gather information, and make good decisions, calculations, provide reviews, and release process away from office into work place. The software-based laboratory information management system offers tremendous support to modern laboratory operations.

R&D Labs Provided with Process Automation by Integrating LIMS with Instrumentation: LIMS has a wide range of applications ranging from environmental science, pharmaceuticals, to petrochemicals. It also has a large scope for application in sample management, electronic laboratory network, data analysis, and data mining. In pharmaceutical sector, laboratory information management systems help in simplifying stability studies through test library, which includes standard functionality, disintegration, dissolution, stability module, product assays, drug release, and dosage uniformity. By integrating LIMS with instrumentation, in case of biotechnological applications, research and development (R&D) labs are provided with automation of various processes including gene expression profiling, gel electrophoresis, and microarrays.

There has always been a slight confusion between laboratory information system (LIS), and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), however the difference is significant. While LIS has been designed for processing and reporting data pertaining to individual patients, LIMS aims at processing and reporting data associated with batches of samples procured from drug trails, biology labs, and water treatment facilities.

Factors Impacting Growth of the Global Laboratory Information Management System Market Include

  • Helping biopharmaceutical companies in addressing key challenges regarding drug development processes
  • Growing inclination of pharmaceutical companies toward adoption of LIMS
  • Increasing adoption of LIMS in laboratories for maintaining precision & functionality, particularly in bio analysis such as discovery R&D, QA/QC R&D, and In-vitro ADME experiments

In contrast, absence of skilled professionals for managing the advanced technology is expected to remain a major challenge for growth of the market. A recent report by Future Market Insights (FMI) has estimated a significant expansion for the global LIMS market, owing to huge demand from research laboratories, and biopharmaceutical companies. Technological advancements made in LIMS have increased its effectiveness and efficiency considerably.

APEJ Market for LIMS to Witness a Significant Expansion in the Near Future: 7 key regions have been included in FMI’s report on the global LIMS market, which are Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, Japan, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Among these regions, North America has been anticipated to remain most lucrative for LIMS market, owing to increased awareness about innovative technologies that can maintain laboratory information. In addition, the market in APEJ is projected to witness a significant expansion in the near future on the back of increased spending on healthcare infrastructure.

FMI’s report has mentioned key companies actively contributing to growth of the global LIMS market, which include Core Informatics, Novatek International, Autoscribe Informatics, LabLynx Inc., Promium LLC, Genologics (Illumina, Inc.), Star LIMS (Abbott Laboratories. Abbott Park, U.S.A), Labware, Perkin Elmer Inc., Siemens SA, and Thermo fisher Scientific, Inc.

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